In the tragic event that I discover any errors in the book, I'll note and correct them here. If you find any errors, please let me know. To thank you for your trouble, I'll give you credit on this page. But please, before you send in an error report, check the list below to make sure that the error hasn't already been reported. By the way, I'm only counting mistakes in the book, not on this website, though I'd like to hear about those, too.

Chapter # Page # Description Eagle-Eyed
Error Reporter
3 27 If you're not using all 12 lines you don't have to define them, but remember to correctly set the MAXLINE parameter. Matt Garvin
4 35 The description of start() in the sidebar should read:

start(): This is called when the applet becomes visible, after init has completed, or when the user (after having gone somewhere else) returns to the web page containing the applet.
Tony Bermudez
4 36 Task 2 should read:

// The value above is passed from HTML
Scott Stevenson
5 39 Paragraphs 2 & 3 should read:

In Java, this is written as myName = "Dori". The equals sign means "is set to." Afterwards, the variable myName can be used anytime we need the value "Dori".

If someone else uses this applet later, they can set myName to "Sean" by simply replacing the previous statement with myName = "Sean" in the applet.

Jerald Cole
5 44 The last sentence in the first task should read:

So, we escape the quote character--we tell Java to pretend that it doesn't see the next character--by putting a \ (backslash) before it.
Tony Bermudez
6 54 Applet 6.1 should read:

Font f = new Font ("TimesRoman",Font.BOLD,24);
John Hinds
7 71 Task 4 should read:

The drawLine() method takes four parameters...
WZP Taylor
7 76 Task 1 should read:

The keyDown() method is passed...
John Hinds
8 83 The code should read:

new URL("");
WZP Taylor
9 109 The code should read:

new GridBagConstraints();
WZP Taylor
9 110 The table should have CENTER, NONE, RELATIVE, and RELATIVE in italics. Alan Herron
10 118 Task 3 should read (and also in code):

WZP Taylor
10 121 The code should read:

WZP Taylor
10 123 The code should read:

WZP Taylor
12 144 Task 1 should read:

First we create an array named moves...
WZP Taylor
13 155 The code should read (end of first column):

WZP Taylor
14 164 The listing heading should read LISTING. WZP Taylor
14 165 The listing heading should read LISTING. WZP Taylor
14 170 The code should read:

WZP Taylor
14 172 The code should read:

length * fm.getHeight() + 2 * marginV;
WZP Taylor
14 173 The description for menuX should read:

The value of this parameter is made up of five non-optional values, separated by the separator character described below... See Table 14.2 for the values of the fields.
Grant Wilt