The book hasn't been out for long, but it's already received some great feedback. Here's a small sample...

From cxklocum

Thanks for writing the book!!! I bought it together with yout javascript VQS book some time ago, but only recently had a look at it, because I'm scared of the possible steep learning curve. I bought a few (very expensive) Java books previously and had to leave them on the shelf because they don't even speak human (any human) language!!!

But I was surprised at the easy steps to get to the applets in your book. The success of making just one applet helped to boost my confidence in programming. I know I'll have to get to the other books soon to get to the nuts of java (or are they ... seeds?), but your book helps to bridge the gap quite well. At least now I'm not that scared of java any more.

From chris

You are this years best buy, love the book and the way you've laid it out.

From ym5221tgs

Your book is fun!!

From ytown

I love your book. I have another book that gets way too technical way too early. I was drowning in explanations of data types and lexicons. That book taught me a lot of details but I never learned how to put it all together to write an applet. Your book put it all together and in one-fifth the pages of the other one. Finally a book for those of us who don't want a master's degree in Java programming, we just want Java on our web sites. Thanks for writing a great book and one that isn't the usual $39.95.

From phoenix

I just want to say that I read the Learn java in 21 days for a month using my holiday. But I found if I had read your book, maybe I could have been learn the same skill in a week!

From mstaffo

Just want to thank you for writing such an understandable book on JAVA! I'm going to graduate school & often am frustrated by the textbooks we're required to read. Authors often weave intricate passages of impressive rhetoric that students have to wade through several times before understanding what was said. Even then, you may read an entire chapter to find you have extracted very little valuable information. Your book gets right to the essentials of JAVA in plain english. The accompanying figures (with code in red), step by step explanations, and web page help too. Hope this book sets a trend for other authors... learning can be a pleasure or a pain depending on how books are written. Good job!!

From schultz @wlnet.nos.noaa.govt:

I think you did a marvelous job in writing the book. It is a fine piece of work. I have not learned so much, so quickly, in any other popular programming book. Congratulations!

From dave_wms

I'm about halfway through "Java for the World Wide Web" and have found it much more entertaining than its companion purchase piece, "The Java Language Specification" (these other guys probably know what they're talking about though, we'll have to give them that).

Currently I'm a SAP ABAP/4 coder. I went to some get-together called SAPTech 98 in L.A., and was totally lost. Objects, Methods... Java! I'm trying to catch up, and your book has been a big help.

The book has been excellent so far. I was reluctant to buy it because I'm looking for more than just the Web, but it has that covered! Any questions that come up have answers somewhere on the open pages. I can breeze through things I've seen a million times before and linger with success on anything that's new. Yours isn't the first book on Java for me, but it's the one that's going to give me traction. Thanks.

From scott

I love the book. I've been waiting for something just like it. The "Dummies" series is okay, but isn't great. I am a very technically-savvy person -- I've programmed before and do unix system adminstration, Apache webserver compile and configuration, etc. -- but I think visually. Because of that, I have trouble reading long, drawn out blocks of text. My attention span just runs too thin. That's why I love your book. The visuals are great.

From drew

Got the new Java book! Great job!
Your writing is easy to understand and will be a good starting point for my Java adventures.

From xdicarlo

This is an excellent book to get started. The examples are simple and progress in a logical fashion. The documentation is clear and articulate. It's a joy to read.

From isg

I think your book is terrific, and I'm gonna be using it in our Extended Education Java class at NYIT.

From ruth

I'm teaching a course for novice programmers that 'just want to have fun' or learn to be web masters :>) at a local community college. I've recommended it as the text for the class. I think you did a really good job of explaining things so non-programmers can understand them.

From jphastey


The company I work for has standardized on a Java 1.0-only enabled browser for their intranet. Having volunteered to be one of our team's web page co-authors, I needed HELP with the Java 1.0 layout and user interface. All the books in the stores are written for Java 1.1 or 1.2 and Sun's 1.0 tutorial is really a syntax guide. Several DAYS were wasted trying examples in the 1.1 books only to discover many of the classes used are not available in 1.0.

Your decision to cover 1.0 was a God-send for a Java fledgling mired in a 1.0 environment. Explanations are concise yet clear, a tribute to the KISS principle. Instead of merely cutting and pasting code snippets, I actually understood the material covered. Within a few HOURS of purchasing your book, my first applet was up and running.

The applet I am currently working on was inspired by your section on image handling. Again, I thank you.

From natt

I find your book very informative yet at the same time easy to comprehend, since I can just go in to the section I want and just get the code and modify it to my purpose. The examples made it very easy to understand and at the same time what makes this great is you see results right away!!!!!

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