Tragically, we've discovered some errors in the book, which we note and correct here. If you find any errors, please let us know. But please, before you send in an error report, check the list below to make sure that the error hasn't already been reported. By the way, we're only counting code or writing mistakes in the book, not on this website, though we'd like to hear about those, too.

We've finished the 3rd edition of the book, which will be in stores in late June of 1999. It will contain about 50% new and changed material from the second edition.

Because of the imminent publication of the 3rd Edition of our book, we have ended the "find an error in the 2nd Edition, get a free copy of the 3rd Edition" program. Thanks to all who participated. For you folks below, if you haven't sent us a mailing address, we can't send you your copy of the 3rd edition.

Chapter # Page # Description Eagle-Eyed
Error Reporter
2 The proper pluralization for "addendum" is not "addendums" but "addenda." Margot MacPherson Brewer
2 16 The Script 2.3 example code is missing the end </HTML> tag. Bob Kaminski
2 18 Typo: In the second tip on the page, it should read "You can have different language versions OF different scripts on one page." Robert Barrett
3 45 Script 3.8 does not work correctly in Internet Explorer. We are revising the code in the Third Edition. Greg Elliott
3 49 In Script 3.9, the closing of the header serction is listed as <HEAD> when it should have been </HEAD>. Kunomasai
5 61 The variable badChar won't contain 2 as stated in the text, it will contain the actual character. Yngve Westerdahl
6 81 "...find the field called msg.Line, and insert..."
Should be
"...find the field called msgLine, and insert..."
81 <INPUT TYPE=TEXT onBlur="javascript:updateParent(this)" SIZE=20>
Should read
<INPUT TYPE=TEXT onBlur="updateParent(this)" SIZE=20>
This prevents error messages with older browsers.
Andy Larbalestier
82 Script 6.6 is missing a </CENTER> tag, right after </SCRIPT>. Kunomasai
7 91 "...getDay() is the JavaScript command that gets the day of the month..."
Should be " of the week."
Leonard Ellis
8 103 In Script 8.1, there is an apparent error in the method used to calculate an expiration date for a cookie. The "error" demonstrates that JavaScript is not Year 2000 compliant:

//returns: Mon Mar 01 10:43:33 GMT -066 0100

That "0100" at the end of the returned string is an incorrect year. We've been told that the next version of JavaScript will fix the bug; in the meantime, test code that calculates dates in the future carefully.

Charles Cowdrick
11 144 Item 2 should read "This line writes out..." Belinda Rossiter
Appendix A 178 Missing entry and divider for the Link object. Robert Barrett
Appendix A 181 In the entry for the Window object, the methods clearTimeout and setTimeout have capitalized character "O." Bzzzzzt! If one uses the uppercase O in these methods, the script will return an error. Debbie Benham
Index 192 OnMouseOver and OnMouseOut are indexed as being on page 162; the important reference to them is really on page 161. Bob Blase