Here's where you'll find the scripts we used in the book. We've made them available to you in two ways: you can copy and paste any script by going directly to its page, or you can download the entire set of scripts for a particular chapter by clicking on the floppy icon next to the chapter title.

Included in the downloadable file for each chapter are the additional files needed to make the script examples work properly, when necessary. For example, in Chapter 3, when we're showing you how to do image rollovers, we used some GIF and JPEG files as examples. You'll find those files in the Chapter 3 download.

The several files for a chapter are compressed into a single file with Stuffit, a cross-platform (Macintosh and Windows 95, 98 & NT) archiving utility. If you don't already have the freeware Aladdin Expander 2.0 utility needed to expand the files, you can get it from the Aladdin Systems Web site. Aladdin Expander works with ZIP files, too, so it's a good program to have in any event.

Attention PC users!

Many PC users have reported problems downloading the chapters below. We strongly recommend that you download this zipped file instead. It's a 584K download that contains everything from the book.


Chapter 1: Getting Acquainted with JavaScriptfloppy icon

Chapter 2: Start Me Up!floppy icon

Chapter 3: Fun with Imagesfloppy icon

Chapter 4: Frames, Frames, and More Framesfloppy icon

Chapter 5: Verifying Formsfloppy icon

Chapter 6: Working with Browser Windowsfloppy icon

Chapter 7: Dynamically Updated Pagesfloppy icon

Chapter 8: JavaScript and Cookiesfloppy icon

Chapter 9: Java and Plug-insfloppy icon

Chapter 10: JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheetsfloppy icon

Chapter 11: Debugging Your JavaScriptfloppy icon

Chapter 12: Where to Learn More

Chapter 13: Real World JavaScriptfloppy icon