In the tragic event that we discover any errors in the book, we'll note and correct them here. If you find any errors, please let us know. To thank you for your trouble, we'll give you credit on this page. But please, before you send in an error report, check the list below to make sure that the error hasn't already been reported. By the way, we're only counting mistakes in the book, not on this website, though we'd like to hear about those, too.

Chapter # Page # Description Eagle-Eyed
Error Reporter
Introduction xii The last sentence of the first paragraph should read:

If you have any questions, please check the FAQ page on the website. If your question isn't answered there, you can contact us via email at
Dori Smith
4 70, 71 The beginning and ending comment tags show as "<!-" and "->" but should actually be "<!--" and "-->". Jean Weiss
4 71 The script marked "Figure 4.2" should be "Script 4.2". Dori Smith
4 74, 75, 76, 78, 80, 83, 84, 85, 87, 88, 91 The beginning and ending comment tags show as "<!-" and "->" but should actually be "<!--" and "-->". Tony Reyner
5 94 The last line should read:

(that contains an image of our cat, in this example).
Tony Reyner
6 132 Task 7 should read:

Now the script is making sure that there is only one "@" sign, and rejecting anything with more than one "@", by checking characters beginning at 1 past where we found the first "@".
Kevin Halion
8 166 Task 8 should read:

This conditional checks to see if cookieName is the same as the ith element of the cookie array.

Task 9 should read:

If the test in Step 8 succeeded, then return the cookie's value.

Task 10 should read:

If we've looked at all the items in the array without a match, return a zero value.
Gene Wong

Last updated: 10 September 1999