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We update this page periodically, so put it on your bookmark list, and check back every once in awhile to find the latest in JavaScript information.

JavaScript Sites

The mother lode of JavaScript help is found at Netscape's Web site, but there's a lot of good information at sites from Microsoft and independent JavaScript pages. Here are some of the best JavaScript Web sites that we've found.

Netscape JavaScript Authoring Guide

Netscape JavaScript Reference

Netscape's View Source Magazine

Netscape JavaScript Debugger

Netscape's JavaScript Known Bugs List

DevEdge Online

Developer.Com's JavaScript Site

JavaScript World

Doc JavaScript

Live Software

Microsoft's JScript Web Page


The main Usenet newsgroup for JavaScript is comp.lang.javascript, where there are many discussions about scripting, people asking questions about problems that have them stymied, and general talk among JavaScript developers. It's a good place to get answers and pick up tips. But read the newsgroup's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) file before you start posting!

Other Books

There are a zillion JavaScript books out on the market. Some are terrific, and there's a lot that aren't so great. Naturally, we think that ours is one of the better ones for beginners. Here's a list of some other JavaScript books we really like and recommend, with links that let you buy them directly from

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide
by David Flanagan

An exhaustive reference to the JavaScript language. Not for the faint of heart, this is the book the experts turn to look up those weird operators and nail down that odd syntax. Like most of the programming language books published by O'Reilly and Associates, it is essential for the serious coder.

Dynamic HTML: the Definitive Guide
by Danny Goodman

Danny Goodman's exhausive reference (more than 1,000 pages) tells you virtually everything you might want to know about HTML tags, Cascading Style Sheets style attributes, and JavaScript objects. It goes into considerable and useful detail on the code gymnastics needed to make your scripts work across browsers.

JavaScript Bible
by Danny Goodman

Another clear, well-written book from Danny Goodman, this IDG Books entry explains JavaScript in detail, but in a friendlier fashion than the O'Reilly book.

Articles of Note

The JavaScript Apostle
by Danny Goodman

This is an excellent series of articles on Netscape's View Source developer site. Written by Danny Goodman (see above) these articles cover a wide range of JavaScript topics. Highly recommended. Make sure that you check out the back issues.

by Charity Kahn and Jamie Jaworski

This column is part of c|net's BUILDER.COM, a very good general site for Web builders. The nice thing about BUILDER.COM is that it has a no-nonsense, let-get-down-to-work feel. This is quite unlike some of the other sites, like Wired's WebMonkey, which often has that annoying we're-so-damned-cool-and-cutting-edge attitude. Charity Kahn writes an excellent JavaScript column that often has goodies like tools that help you build cookies, or good debugging tips. Charity turned over the SuperScripter reins to Jamie Jaworski in late 1998. The site also has Dan Shafer's Master Builder column, which touches on JavaScript from time to time.

WebCoder's HowTo Pages
by Nick Heinle

These articles are part of WebCoder, Nick Heinle's site. Some good tutorials here, plus some decent information about Dynamic HTML and Cascading Style Sheets.