My name is Pixel. I'm a cat.
This is my page.

Aren't I just the cutest cat ever?

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I'm about nine years old. I adopted the Smith-Negrino-Smith family in 1997, when they walked into the pound and I decided to keep them. Sean's mom was paying too much attention to the cat in the cage next to mine, so I tapped her on the shoulder and informed her that I was the cat they were bringing home.

I required a home that allowed me to be indoors all day long, as well as one that had no other cats. This was necessary in my new residence, as my previous people had made the disrespectful decision to have me declawed. Now, not only had they made this unfortunate choice (and we won't even talk about having me neutered!) and then left me at the pound, but they had started my life off on the wrong paw by naming me Elvis. Obviously, my true home lay elsewhere.

Given that poor start, choosing a new name was one of the first tasks undertaken by my new family. Suggestions ranged from "Five" and "OneBit" to "Spot." My suggestion was, of course, "Meow" but it was rejected as being too similar to a previous unfortunate cat named "Mew." Finally, "Pixel" was agreed upon, and I have given it my blessing by occasionally answering to it. If you send me email (see below), I promise that I will answer to my name.

Editor's note: If you've met the family, you should be able to guess who suggested each name. Also, you're just not geeky enough if you don't understand why we thought about naming a cat Five (hey, we'd just been installing Ethernet...).

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Send me email, and I promise that I'll reply. But note that my email address has changed, due to the number of spammers that kept trying to sell me products that, well, weren't quite suitable for neutered cats.

Last updated: 19 September 2004