What's the differences between editions?

For the 9th edition, we've made two changes to the book—one small and one large. The small change: more jQuery coverage and examples. The large change: a new chapter, “Scripting Mobile Devices”. In it, we show how to use JavaScript to handle device orientation, geolocation, and more!

Will you have a big downloadable file on your site that contains all the examples in the book?

Yes, and you'll find a link to it in the nav bar above—just click on “download the scripts.”

That file seems to be missing some scripts. Where are they?

We haven't made scripts available for download when they're straight HTML files. That is, those which are referenced in the book and by other scripts, but where the contents aren't given in the book. These are all just normal vanilla HTML files, and can be linked to any files that you have already.

I have a JavaScript question that has nothing to do with your book. Are you available for consulting?

Between teaching and working on our next books, we're not taking on any consulting projects at this time. Thanks for asking, though.

I'm a student in a class that uses your book as a textbook. Will you help me with my homework?

No. If we did, we would never have time to write our next books. And you wouldn't learn as much.

I didn't buy your JavaScript book, I bought someone else's instead. Can I ask you a question about the one that I bought?

Sorry, no. Go talk to the author of the other book.

Well, can't I ask you guys anything?

Sure you can. We just can't promise to answer individual questions, because of the time it takes. We will put frequently asked questions (and their answers!) here on this page as they come in.

How should I get in touch with you?

Use the email address found in the book at the end of the Introduction. We read all mail sent to that address, though we can't guarantee a personal reply to every message. We regret that because of the large volume of email that we get, we cannot answer email about the book sent to our personal email addresses.

I have a question about your book. Can I send you my script files?

Not in this world of viruses being spread with email attachments. We've already been sent viruses by accident (or at least, they said it was an accident); we don't want any more. So we never open any files sent to us by people we don't know. Instead, you should post your pages on the Web, then send us the URL so we can take a look at the problem. We trust you, of course; it's the other guys that made us come up with this rule.

If I can't send you a file, can I just include the script as text in email?

Most of the questions we get have to do with image manipulation: rollovers, banners, etc. It's difficult to debug scripts that involve images without having the images available, as quite often, the problem has to do with the way the images are referenced (e.g., directory structure issues or proper capitalization issues). So again, please, send us a URL of the problem page, and we'll be happy to take a look at it.

How do I run the scripts in Chapter 18?

The scripts in Chapter 18 are not standalone scripts; they are bookmarklets. If you go to the page for the chapter, you can install each bookmarklet by clicking and dragging on its name to either the personal toolbar or Favorites bar in your browser.